Be – on your own!

“One can only conclude that hero-worship under the guise of the guru-devotee relationship
is just as often spiritually deadening for both sides as it is spiritually enlightening.” –
– Marie Seton, 1962, page 13, “The Case of P. D. Ouspensky”

There are many demands put in the lives of orientation, inspiration or healing seeking individuals
– demanded by gurus, priests, pastors, rabbis, mullahs, muftis and many other kind of spiritual teachers, spirit guides, mind masters and therapists –
to surrender, to give their self, to give away what binds, to unhand and to let go …..

More influences and powers seem to draw individuals apart from their husbands, wives, long-term relationships,
even from small or growing children, and from friendships
than powers likely eligible and of strength and qualities to keep individuals in place
or to reintegrate individuals in their promises of lifelong fidelity
and likewise in sustainability of exerting responsibility for other persons –
– therefore debunk all kinds of guruism:

Magic is energetic telepathic suggestion, hypnosis and remote-hypnosis by the laws of nature –
if and when you can touch HIM/HER, The Transcendence – The Transcendent, in him/in her and be healed,
then he/she may be the right “magic centerpoint” for you. –
All the rest of psychical curing is what early ancient mankind thought was right
– wise rules of righteousness – dust it off, find your own new words for it and
you will live refreshed:

1. Respect property, possession and position of your fellow-man / fellow-woman.
2. Speak truthfully whenever truth makes sense to create better life conditions.
3. Give true value of your own for true value of every other person in contract
and commercial and deal honestly herein.
4. In danger and in threat let live whenever possible, and do not murder.
5. Keep the laws in your state, strive for social righteousness, love fair play.
6. Care for those who are too weak to care for themselves and respect their lives.
7. Rebuke persons in your life frankly to fair behavior and to live the laws.
8 Stay apart from persons you cannot turn around to keep the laws.
9. Take one day as spiritual holy in every week and care for your self with enough rest.
10. Always Remember:
You are Born from Dark Matter Fields into Light and You are Spirit Materialized.
11. In refreshed life you will love –
The Transcendent, the persons of your life, your self, your planet Earth with all the people, animals and plants living on it –
with all your logic mind, your emotional heart and your transcending spirit.
12. “You are on your own!”

jona(h) li

March 17th 2014, 2nd edited on August 30th 2014

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